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"Citizens of Nowhere" graphically describes the loneliness and alienation of eleven Somali students from the Dadaab refugee camp...it is  reminder of  that the migrant's arduous journey does not end with arrival."

​The Literary Review of Canada

"She brought us a glimpse into into (refugee students') lives as they adjust to winter, washing machines and western culture." Canadian Living, "Meet 35 Canadian Women Who are an Inspiration"  (2010)

"As Goodwin often movingly tells it, these young people encounter an alien world where everything is new." The Globe and Mail

"As a journalist, Goodwin gains the trust of the students and reports their experience...she is the only outsider who has seen them... as they used to be." This Magazine Blog 

"I highly recommend Citizens of Nowhere. The subject matter is deep and serious, but the attitudes and insights of the students as well as their spirits will not only make it an easy read but inspire you." ​Curled Up With a Good Cup of Tea

"Hopefully, the experiences of this select group of newcomers will draw the attention of Canadian readers, especially those involved in the field of education, from service workers to teachers to university administrators." Winnipeg Free Press

"Citizens of Nowhere is a masterpiece of emotion in its ability to bring readers to tears one moment and leave them roaring with laughter the next." Brandy Robertson, The Quill.ca

"Goodwin's account is one of the best I have read of the lonely, one-way journey that refugees of the world must endure to capture a part of the better future we take for granted...it is both humbling and uplifting, and not to be missed." Brian Stewart, former chief correspondent with The National


"An important exploration of the challenges that these few (refugees) who are allowed to come into the country have to overcome." Embassy Magazine "Top 20 Read of 2010"

Citizens of Nowhere: From Refugee Camp to Canadian Campus