Dreamscapes:  Andalusia: Layered in History, Winter, 2017/2018  

Perceptive travel: The Mysteries of Life in the Amazon Jungle. December, 2017

Feature Picture: Winter Bench 2017. When I took this I didn't realize I was taking a grief shot but that's what is it. A bench without Peter on it is like a riderless horse.

Travel writing: 

Perceptive travel: Riding a Scooter in Vietnam

Perceptive travel: The marble of Michelangelo

Namibian Encounters, Winter/Spring 2015, Dreamscapes

Perceptive travel: Las Fallas of Valencia, Dec. 2015

Perceptive travel: Unlocking Argentina's Past, Feb. 2015

The Jewels of the Balearic Islands. Summer 2016,


Now available on Amazon:

The Perfect Candidate

By D.G. Walker (pen name)

First in a Grace Cook cozy thriller series.

Grace Cook is a mouse of woman. Overlooked at work. Taken for granted at home. Seen by the executive of a mining company as the perfect candidate to advance his devious plans to grab the wealth of an African country. Dropped in a country where boys become soldiers too young and war lords ravage the lands, she fight with the only weapons she has: decency, compassion, smarts and wit.

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Debi Goodwin is a writer and photographer living in Ontario, Canada, who loves to travel for the stories and images. She is the author of the non-fiction book, Citizens of Nowhere, and writes a blog on scooters and women as well as a blog called The Third Phase she and Peter Kavanagh started together. Please visit the pages of her site for more information.