"Peter Kavanagh's ordeal is a story about endurance and perseverance - how a devastating disability became the motivation for growth - spiritual, intellectual and even physical. And how the victim of a terrible disease is able to avoid the debilitating handicap of victimhood through raw determination and enduring hopefulness." - Lynden MacIntrye, author of Punishment

"If you totted up the pain, the surgeries, the dashed hopes and unexpected setbacks Peter Kavanagh details in this wonderfully readable memoir, you  might brace yourself for a depressing experience. Quite the contrary: Kavanagh's buoyant, curious spirit is an inspiration. Filled with fascinating medical and social history, this is a deft portrait of a man who never stopped learning about himself and what it takes to walk well." - Katherine Ashenberg, author of The Dirt on Clean

"In The Man Who Learned to Walk Three Times, Peter Kavanagh doesn't just tell us his own fascinating story. He makes the rest of us appreciate the magic of that thing we do unthinkingly with our own two legs." - Jonathan Kay, Editor-in-Chief of ‚ÄčThe Walrus

"Most people never remember how they first learned to walk. But Peter Kavanagh, who learned and kept learning, remembers everything. In this honest and original memoir, Kavanagh provides a heartfelt reminder that it's the journey, not the destination, that offers life's best lessons. His is a remarkable story, rich with insights about history, medicine, and the endurance of the human spirit." - Carolyn Abraham, author of The Jugglers' Children

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